Our Promise

What you can expect from us.

Our goodies will always be fresh and will always be made to order.  Our items will also always be homemade!  No store bought cookies or chocolate covered pretzels from a box.  Every single pretzel and strawberry is dipped by hand.  And don't be surprised if you find some homemade goodies thrown in for good measure from time to time.  My standards are pretty high (I would never want to let Maddy down) and she wouldn't want anything less.

I pour every ounce of love into creating for you and every single item is made with Maddy in mind.  I hope you love everything about Platters with Purpose!  It's the only way my heart knows what to do with all the love that is reserved just for her.

 Please share our mission and love for keeping our best girl's memory alive.  We are so grateful for each and every one of you.  All my love!