Our Purpose

The purpose behind the platter.

We vow to remain active in the fight against childhood cancer.  Did you know only 4% of federal funding is given to childhood cancer?  Our kids are worth far more than 4%.  That's why a portion of every sale will be donated to Unravel, a non-profit organization that helps fund new and innovation research for childhood cancer.  These donations will be made in Maddy's memory.  Not only are you buying a box of beautiful goodness, but YOU are actively helping in the fight against childhood cancer.  And for that, I am eternally grateful.  My hope is that no other mother feels the gaping hole in their heart when they watch their child take their last breath.  Or that their brother or sister never have to understand why their sibling can't come home.  Or that a father never has to feel what it's like to not be able to tuck their sweet child into bed at night.  Every single dollar brings us closer to finding a cure.  Maddy was passionate about Unravel and their mission.  She believed there would be a cure.  It just didn't happen in time to save her.

If you would like to make a direct donation to Unravel in memory of Maddy you can do so here

To learn more about Unravel visit their website here.